Old Mother Riley
Meets The Vampire

Old Mother Riley Meets The Vampire

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Old Mother Riley Meets The Vampire DVD Cover

In one of the strangest team-ups in cinema history, America's King of Horror, Bela Lugosi (Dracula) meets one of Britain's most bizarre comic creations in her last-ever screen adventure! All of London is being terrorised by a mad scientist the police call "The Vampire". Thirty beautiful girls have gone missing in one week alone - and Old Mother Riley fears she'll be next! When The Vampire's new robot is delivered by mistake to her little shop on Ration Row, Old Mother Riley is indeed kidnapped - and delivered to the fiend's lair. Now, the sozzled old dear must outwit the most brilliant scientist on earth - and save the world! With a grand supporting cast including Dora Bryan, Richard Wattis, Hattie Jacques and Dandy Nichols, this is one classic British comedy you can really sink your teeth into!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Arthur Lucan as Mrs. Riley Bela Lugosi as Von Housen Bill Shine as Mugsy's Assistant Charles Lloyd Pack as Sir Joshua Bing Cyril Smith as Police Brass Dandy Nichols as Mrs. Mott David Hurst as Mugsy Dora Bryan as Tilly George Benson as Police Sergeant Graham Moffatt as The Yokel Hattie Jacques as Mrs. Jenks Ian Wilson as Hitchcock, the butler John Le Mesurier as Scotland Yard Man Judith Furse as Freda Laurence Naismith as Police Sergeant at Desk María Mercedes as Julia Loretti Philip Leaver as Anton Daschomb Richard Wattis as PC Freddie Roderick Lovell as Douglas


Produced by John Gilling & Stanley Couzins Directed by John Gilling Written by Val Valentine Running Time 71 minutes. Released 1952

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