Ooh... You Are Awful

Ooh... You Are Awful

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Ooh... You Are Awful DVD Cover

After cheating the Mafia out of a fortune, comedy conman Dick Emery trusts his partner to stash the loot in a Swiss bank. As the number of the account is tattooed on the rear of one of his girlfriends, a cheeky undercover operation begins. The bottom line is to photograph the evidence for posterity or he'll make a complete ass of himself. And Dick Emery butting in with all his other impersonations could mean another bum rap!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Ambrosine Phillpotts as Lady Missenden Green Anna Gilchrist as Jane Anthony Stamboulieh as Dino Brian Oulton as Funeral Director Cheryl Kennedy as Jo Mason David Healy as Tourist Derren Nesbitt as Sid Sabbath Dick Emery as Charlie Tully Dinny Powell as Arthur Frank Coda as Mafioso Guido Adorni as Carlo Henry Gilbert as Don Luigi Joan Ingram as Woman in Art Gallery John Louis Mansi as Mancini Julie Crosthwaite as Patsy Liza Goddard as Liza Missenden Green Louis Negin as Emilio Ferruchi Margaret Courtenay as W.P.O. Neil Wilson as Attendant Price Norman Bird as Warder Burke Pat Coombs as Libby Niven Phil Brown as American Man Roland Curram as Vivian Ronald Fraser as Reggie Campbell Peek Sheila Keith as Lady Magistrate Stefan Gryff as Capo Mafioso Steve Plytas as Signor Vittorio Ferruchi Tucker McGuire as American Woman William Franklyn as Arnold Van Cleef


Produced by E.M. Smedley-Aston Executive Producers Frank Launder & Sidney Gilliat Directed by Cliff Owen Screenplay by John Warren & John Singer Running Time 92 minutes. Theatrical Release 1972

Synopsis Taken From DVD Cover ©2004 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


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