Radio Parade Of 1935

Radio Parade Of 1935

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An enjoyable satire that pokes fun at corporations such as th BBC, Radio Parade Of 1935 features Will Hay in uncharacteristically suave mode as William Garland, the Director-General of the National Broadcasting Group, a remote figure who has never seen his own studios.

Contending with an ambitious young manager with plans to popularise the medium and designs on Garland's daughter, the film also features a villainous theatrical agent who bans his stars from appearing on a prestigious NBG show. However, the staff save the day, turning out to be natural talents as they mount their own successful production.

Featuring a number of lavish song and dance routines and memorable turns, the film also foretells the increasing dominance of television.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Alfred Drayton as Carl Graham Beryl Orde as Herself Billy Bennett as Commissionaire Clifford Mollison as Jimmie Clare Davy Burnaby as Sir Ffederick Ffotheringhay Eve Becke as Herself Fay Carroll as Herself Fred Conyngham as Himself Helen Chandler as Joan Garland Joyce Richardson as Herself Lily Morris as Charlady Nellie Wallace as Charlady Peggy Cochrane as Herself Stanelli as Himself Ted Ray as Himself Teddy Joyce as Orchestra Leader The Buddy Bradley Rhythm Girls as Dancers Will Hay as William Garland
Directed by Arthur B. Woods Produced by Walter C. Mycroft Screenplay by James Bunting, Paul Perez & Jack Davis Jr. Original idea by Reginald Purdell & John Watt Released December 1934 Runtime 90 minutes.

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