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A rich scientist, Armitage, has problems. Not only is his luscious wife being wooed by all and sundry, but his laboratory is under threat of sabotage to steal his secret nerve gas formula. So he calls upon ‘Rentadick’, a band of private detectives given the job of protecting both his business and his wife. The catalogue of double-dealings and indiscretions that follows is certainly NOT the service he expected!

Written by comedy giants John Cleese and Graham Chapman (Monty Python’s Flying Circus) alongside acclaimed satirists John Fortune and John Wells, Rentadick features James Booth (Zulu), Richard Briers (Ever Decreasing Circles), the gorgeous Julie Ege, Donald Sinden (Never the Twain), Richard Beckinsale (Porridge) and even Spike Milligan as a Customs Officer.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alf Joint as Policeman Barry Andrews as Policeman Cheryl Hall as Maxine David Battley as Desk Sergeant David Toguri as Japanese Derek Griffiths as Henson Donald Sinden as Jeffrey Armitage Ellis Dale as Laboratory Manager James Booth as Simon Hamilton John Wells as Owltruss Jonathan Dennis as Policeman Julie Ege as Utta Armitage Kenneth Cope as West Kristopher Kum as Japanese Leon Sinden as Police Inspector Max Raman as Japanese Michael Bentine as Husein Michael Rothwell as Removal Man Michael Sharvell-Martin as Removal Man Patricia Quinn as Chauffeuse Patsy Crowther as Old Lady Penelope Keith as Reporter Richard Beckinsale as Hobbs Richard Briers as Miles Gannet Robert Gillespie as Arab Porter Ronald Fraser as Major Upton Spike Milligan as Customs officer Trevor Ray as Rivet Tsai Chin as Madam Greenfly Will Stampe as Gatekeeper Winnie Holman as Maid


Produced by Terry Glinwood & Ned Sherrin Directed by Jim Clark Screenplay by John Cleese & Graham Chapman Additional dialogue by John Fortune & John Wells Running Time 90 minutes. Theatrical Release 1972

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