Sailors Don't Care

Sailors Don't Care

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Sailors Don't Care DVD Cover

Boat-building father and Son Nobby Clark (Edward Rigby, Tom Gamble) join the River Patrol service.

They are ‘vamped’ by two nightclub girls who are spies.

Manning a listening post on the ship ‘Terrific’ Joe and Nobby see a parachutist landing in the river with a time bomb in his hands...

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Dennis Wyndham as Captain Raleigh Edward Rigby as Joe Clark G.H. Mulcaster as Adm. Reynolds Henry B. Longhurst as Adm. Drake Jean Gillie as Nancy Joan Hickson as Woman Carried Ashore John Salew as Henri Marion Gerth as Mimi Mavis Villiers as Blondie Michael Wilding as Dick Tom Gamble as Nobby Clark


Produced by F.W. Baker Directed by Oswald Mitchell Screenplay by Oswald Mitchell Additional dialogue by Kenneth Horne Running Time 74 minutes. Theatrical Release 1940

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