Something In The City

Something In The City

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A wonderfully simple story of Mr Ningle (Richard Hearne) who lost his job in the City many years ago, but didn't want to tell his wife. So he goes off to town each day in his pinstripe and bowler then changes his clothes and works as a pavement artist. Unfortunately Bill Shine (a reporter) is sent to tail him, ,but when Ningle suddenly dissappears Shine calls the police. They find Ningle's clothes and assume he's been killed. A suspicious character seen near the scene is of course Ningle himself and the police set out to track Ningle in connection with his own death!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Betty Sinclair as Mrs. Ningle Bill Shine as Reporter Diana Calderwood as Beryl Ningle Dora Bryan as Waitress Ellen Pollock as Mrs. Holley Gary Marsh as Mr. Holley George Merritt as Inspector Horace Kenney as Squeaker Man Richard Hearne as Mr. Ningle Stanley Baker as Police Constable Tom Gill as Richard Holley
Produced by Ernest G. Roy Directed by Maclean Rogers Story by H.F. Maltby Screenplay by Michael Pertwee Released 1950 Running Time 74 minutes.

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