Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly

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The screen vibrates with bounderism and caddishness when comedy icons Terry-Thomas and Leslie Phillips star as rivals in this sunny, mid-‘70s sex comedy set on the Mediterranean island of Minorca. Spanish Fly is featured here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Despite the scenery and sunshine, expat Sir Percy de Courcy feels dejected. In a cunning wheeze to make some much-needed money, he’s bought 100,000 gallons of local wine, hoping to sell it at a vast profit. Unfortunately, even Sir Percy has to admit the wine tastes foul, and when he asks his chauffeur to ‘improve’ the taste, a certain local ingredient finds its way into the bottles, turning it into a potent aphrodisiac! Add Sir Percy’s old school-friend Mike – arriving on the island to supervise a series of glamorous lingerie photo-shoots – and it seems Sir Percy is about to experience a sudden reversal of fortunes!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Andrea Allan as Bruce Emiliano Redondo as Clean Domingo Fernando Villena as Dirty Domingo Frank Thornton as Dr. Johnson Graham Armitage as Perkins Jaleh Haddah as Annette Leslie Phillips as Mike Scott Marisa Porcel as Maria Nadiuska as Julie Nina Francis as Isabel Ramiro Oliveros as Juan Sally Farmiloe as Francesca Sergio Mendizábal as Pons Prades Sue Lloyd as Janet Scott Terry-Thomas as Sir Percy de Courcy


Produced by Peter James Directed by Bob Kellett Screenplay by Robert Ryerson Story by Kent Walwin & Peter James Running Time minutes. Theatrical Release 1975

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Film Images ©1976 Studiocanal Films Ltd.

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