Steptoe And Son Movie

Steptoe And Son Movie

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All hell is let loose in the Steptoe household, when the quarrelling father and son rag-and-bone team are taken out of the confined world of the junkyard in the first feature film spin-off from the popular television series. When Harold tries to marry a glamorous stripper called zita, Albert loses the wedding ring. There's more trouble when Albert, resentful and jealous, joins the newlyweds on their Spanish honeymoon with disastrous results.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Alec Mango as Hotel Doctor Arthur Howard as Vicar Carolyn Seymour as Zita Enys Box as Traffic Warden Fred Griffiths as Barman Fred McNaughton as Zita's father Harry H. Corbett as Harold Kitchener Steptoe Joan Heath as Zita's mother Lon Satton as Pianist Michael Da Costa as Hotel Manager Mike Reid as Compere Patrick Fyffe as Arthur a.k.a Perri St. Claire Patsy Smart as Mrs. Hobbs Victor Maddern as Chauffeur Wilfrid Brambell as Albert Steptoe
Directed by Cliff Owen Produced by Beryl Vertue & Aida Young Written by Ray Galton & Alan Simpson Released 1973 Runtime 98 minutes.

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