The Bulldog Breed

The Bulldog Breed

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The Bulldog Breed DVD Cover

The navy plan to put a rocket into orbit and Norman is chosen to man it. Hilarious setbacks and chaos are Norman's constant companions as he undertakes the strenuous tests and training required. Doubts begin to arise as to whether he is the right man for the job, but surely the whims of admirals and officers won't be enough to deny Norman his moment of glory!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Brian Oulton as Bert Ainsworth (cinema manager) David Lodge as CPO Knowles Eddie Byrne as PO Filkins Edward Chapman as Mr. Philpots Frank Williams as Mr. Carruthers Harold Goodwin as Streaky Hopkinson Ian Hunter as Admiral Sir Bryanston Blyth Joe Robinson as Tall sailor John Le Mesurier as Prosecuting counsel Johnny Briggs as Johnny Nolan Liz Fraser as NAAFI Girl Norman Wisdom as Norman Puckle Peter Jones as Diving instructor Robert Urquhart as Commander. Clayton Sydney Tafler as Speedboat owner Terence Alexander as Defending counsel
Directed by Robert Asher Produced by Hugh Stewart Screenplay by Jack Davies, Henry Blyth & Norman Wisdom Runtime 93 minutes. Released 1960

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