The Captain's Table

The Captain's Table

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Based on a novel by Richard Gordon (famous for the 'Doctor' series of books) The Captain’s Table is a hilarious seagoing romp. An all star British cast including John Gregson, Donald Sinden, Richard Wattis, Joan Sims, Miles Malleson and John LeMesurier will navigate you through the laughs and adventures on the Queen Adelaide.

Captain Ebbs (John Gregson) has finally been given charge of the South Star Line's flagship cruiser the Queen Adelaide en route to Australia. Years of experience commanding cargo vessels have made him an excellent seaman fully qualified to command such a ship, but he is all at sea when it comes to coping with the passengers!!

Captain Ebbs has to deal with his womanising first officer and larcenous Chief Purser, but most of all he has to master the social etiquette of the 'Captain’s Table', whilst evading the attentions of the single ladies on board. Complete with camp stewards, misbehaving vicars, and batty old ladies this classic comedy will have you roaring with laughter right up until the Queen Adelaide docks!!

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Bill Kerr as Bill Coke Donald Sinden as Shawe-Wilson James Hayter as Earnshaw Joan Sims as Maude Pritchett John Gregson as Captain. Albert Ebbs John Le Mesurier as Sir Angus June Jago as Gwenny Coke Lionel Murton as Bernie Floate Maurice Denham as Major Broster Miles Malleson as Canon Swingler Nadia Gray as Mrs. Porteous Nicholas Phipps as Reddish Peggy Cummins as Mrs. Judd Reginald Beckwith as Burtweed Richard Wattis as Prittlewell


Produced by Joseph Janni Directed by Jack Lee Screenplay by Bryan Forbes, Nicholas Phipps & John Whiting Story by Richard Gordon Running Time 87 minutes. Theatrical Release 1959

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