The Early Bird

The Early Bird

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The Grimsdale Dairy is threatened by a large rival company trying to take over their territory. Norman is Grimsdale's only milkman and is determined to hold off the opposition single-handedly. Whatever the outcome, you can be sure that when it comes to churning up chaos and creaming off the laughs, Norman has no rivals!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Bryan Pringle as Austin Dandy Nichols as Woman Flooded by Milk Edward Chapman as Mr. Grimsdale Frank Thornton as Drunken Doctor Harry Locke as Commissionaire Imogen Hassall as Sir Roger's Secretary Jerry Desmonde as Mr. Hunter John Le Mesurier as Colonel Foster Marjie Lawrence as Woman in Negligee Michael Bilton as Nervous Man Norman Wisdom as Norman Pitkin Paddie O'Neil as Mrs. Gladwys Hoskins Penny Morrell as Miss Curry Peter Jeffrey as Fire Chief Richard Vernon as Sir Roger Wedgewood
Produced by Hugh Stewart Directed by Robert Asher Screenplay by Jack Davies, Norman Wisdom, Eddie Leslie & Henry Blyth Runtime 93 minutes. Released 1965

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