The Fast Lady

The Fast Lady

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Fervent cyclist Murdoch Troon is ran off the road by impatient tycoon Charles Chingford. Tracing Chingford back to his home he meets and falls in love with Chingford's daughter, car-mad Clare. Egged on by his fellow lodger and racy car salesman Freddy Fox, Murdoch decides to invest in 'The Fast Lady', a vintage Red Label Bentley to try to woo Clare.

First though, he has to learn to drive. His instructor, a veteran whose nerves are going, is terrified as Murdoch's obstinate nature comes to the fore and they narrowly avoid disasters with lorries and old ladies. Worse still, an incident in the main street involves none other than Clare's short-tempered father.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Allan Cuthbertson as Bodley Eddie Gray as 2nd Golfer Eric Barker as Wentworth Frankie Howerd as Road Workman in Hole Fred Emney as 1st Golfer Graham Hill as Himself James Robertson Justice as Charles Chingford John Bolster as Himself John Surtees as Himself Julie Christie as Claire Chingford Kathleen Harrison as Mrs. Staggers Leslie Phillips as Freddie Fox Oliver Johnston as Bulmer Raymond Baxter as Himself Stanley Baxter as Murdoch Troon
Directed by Ken Annakin Produced by Julian Wintle & Leslie Parkyn Written by Jack Davies & Henry Blyth Music by Norrie Paramor Released December 1962 Runtime 95 minutes.

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