The Girl On The Boat

The Girl On The Boat

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The Girl On The Boat DVD Cover

Sam Marlowe travels to America to try and convince his Aunt to rent out her summerhouse in England. When his Aunt discovers Sam's Cousin Eustace is planning to get married secretly, she sends them both back to England. On the transatlantic ship Sam meets and falls for Eustace's ex-fiancee, Billie, so that when they arrive back in England confusion reigns!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Athene Seyler as Mrs. Hignett Bernard Cribbins as Peters Dick Bentley as American (uncredited) Georgina Cookson as Passenger Martin Wyldeck as J.P. Mortimer Millicent Martin as Billie Bennett Noel Willman as Webster Norman Wisdom as Sam Marlowe Peter Bull as Blacksmith Philip Locke as Bream Mortimer Reginald Beckwith as Barman Richard Briers as Eustace Hignett Ronald Fraser as Colonel (uncredited) Sheila Hancock as Jane Timothy Bateson as Purser William Sherwood as Mr. Bennett
Produced by John Bryan & Jack Rix Directed by Henry Kaplan Screenplay by Reuben Ship Based on the novel by P.G. Wodehouse Released 1962 Run Time 88 minutes.

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