The Goose Steps Out

The Goose Steps Out

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The Goose Steps Out DVD Cover

Comedy legend Will Hay stars as William Potts, a hapless, clumsy schoolteacher who just happens to be an identical body double for a notorious German Nazi general. When the army are made aware of this uncanny resemblance to the German, who they are currently holding prisoner, they decide to drop the reluctant Mr Potts behind enemy lines. His deadly mission is to find and retrieve information on a secret weapon that the Germans are planning to use. But whilst impersonating the Nazi general William Potts manages to infiltrate the college of Hitler Youth. He also manages to make a big impression on the students who are being trained as spies and are learning how to fit into British society. Luckily Mr Potts is at hand to give them lots of handy hints in honour of the war effort!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Anne Firth as Lena Aubrey Mallalieu as Rector Barry Morse as Kurt Charles Hawtrey as Max Frank Pettingell as Professor Hoffman Jeremy Hawk as A.D.C. John Williams as Maj.Bishop Julien Mitchell as General von Glotz Lawrence O'Madden as Col. Truscott Leslie Harcourt as Vagel Peter Croft as Hans Peter Ustinov as Krauss Raymond Lovell as Schmidt Will Hay as William Potts / Muller
Directed by Basil Dearden & Will Hay Produced by Michael Balcon Screenplay by Angus McPhail & John Dighton Released August 1942 Running time 66 minutes

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