The Green Man

The Green Man

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An irreverent black comedy adapted by Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat from their play, Meet a Body, The Green Man marked the directorial debut of camera operator Robert Day. The more experienced Basil Dearden provided expert if unaccredited supervision.

A scintillating Alastair Sim plays Hawkins, a timid watchmaker with a part time job – he is also a professional assassin who bumps off all the people we love to hate. But when pompous MP Sir Gregory Upshott (Raymond Huntley) is the intended target, bungling vacuum cleaner salesman William Blake (George Cole) always gets in the way. As the time of the assassination draws ever closer, Hawkins tracks his victim to a dilapidated seaside hotel called The Green Man, the laughs and the tension steadily rise to a brilliant climax.

An enormously entertaining farce that dutifully ticks all the genre's expected boxes (mistaken identities, compromising positions, much panicking and slamming of doors), the film makes an interesting companion piece to MacKendrick's The Ladykillers.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Alastair Sim as Hawkins Alexander Gauge as Chairman Arthur Brough as Landlord Arthur Lowe as Radio salesman Avril Angers as Marigold Colin Gordon as Reginald Willoughby-Cruft Cyril Chamberlain as Sgt. Bassett Dora Bryan as Lily Doris Yorke as Mrs. Bostock Eileen Moore as Joan Wood George Cole as William Blake Jill Adams as Ann Vincent Lucy Griffiths as Annabel Marie Burke as Felicity Michael Ripper as Waiter Raymond Huntley as Sir Gregory Upshott Richard Wattis as Doctor Terry-Thomas as Charles Boughtflower Willoughby Goddard as Statesman
Directed by Robert Day Produced by Sidney Gilliat & Frank Launder Play and Screenplay by Sidney Gilliat & Frank Launder Running Time 76 minutes. Released 1956

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