The Magnificent
Seven Deadly Sins

The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins

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The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins DVD Cover

A classic Seventies comedy based on the Seven Deadly Sins featuring an all-star cast of legendary British comedians and a gaggle of 'saucy' girls.

The seven sinful segments include Harry H. Corbett as a bachelor desperate to get a date (Lust), chauffer Bruce Forsyth searching through London's sewers for his boss' lost 50p (Avarice) and Spike Milligan in a wacky homage to silent film (Sloth). (Pride) of place goes to Ian Carmichael and Alfie Bass in a Galton and Simpson penned episode illustrating class warfare when a Bentley and a clapped out Morris meet head on in a narrow lane and both drivers refuse to back down.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
AVARICE Bernard Bresslaw as Mr. Violet Bruce Forsyth as Clayton Cheryl Hall as Vanessa Joan Sims as Policewoman Julie Samuel as Petrol Attendant Paul Whitsun-Jones as Elsinore Roy Hudd as Fisherman Suzanne Heath as Chloe
ENVY Carmel Cryan as Vera Geoffrey Bayldon as Vernon Harry Secombe as Stanley June Whitfield as Mildred
GLUTTONY Bob Guccione as Photographer Julie Ege as Ingrid Leslie Phillips as Dickie Patrick Newell as Doctor Rosemarie Reed as Woman Sarah Golding as Secretary Tina McDowell as Penthouse Pet
LUST Anouska Hempel as Blonde Bill Pertwee as Cockney Man Cheryl Kennedy as Greta Dawn Beret as Dolly Typist Harry H. Corbett as Ambrose Kenneth Earle as Boyfriend Mary Baxter as Charlady Nicole Yerna as Thin Girl Sue Bond as Girl with Glasses Yvonne Paul as Receptionist
PRIDE Alfie Bass as Mr. Spencer Audrey Nicholson as Mrs. Ferris Ian Carmichael as Mr. Ferris Ivor Dean as Policeman Keith Smith as R.A.C. Man Robert Gillespie as A.A. Man Sheila Bernette as Mrs. Spencer
SLOTH Cardew Robinson as Newlywed David Lodge as Hotel guest with water dripping on him. Graham Stark as Man in overflowing bath. Marty Feldman as Man waiting for tree to fall Melvyn Hayes as Porter Peter Butterworth as Drowning man Ronnie Barker as Man sitting in bus queue Ronnie Brody as Costermonger Spike Milligan as Tramp
WRATH Arthur Howard as Kenneth Ronald Fraser as George Stephen Lewis as Jarvis
Screenplays by:- Gluttony - Graham Chapman & Barry Cryer Wrath - Graham Chapman & Barry Cryer Avarice - John Esmonde & Bob Larbey Lust - Marty Feldman & Graham Stark Envy - Dave Freeman Pride - Ray Galton & Alan Simpson Sloth - Spike Milligan Produced by Graham Stark, Michael L. Green & Tony Tenser Directed by Graham Stark Running Time 102 minutes. Released 1971

Synopsis Taken From DVD Cover ©2003 Prism Leisure Corp. PLC

Film Images ©Tigon British Film Productions 1971 - Euro London Films Ltd. 2003

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