The Man In
The White Suit

The Man In The White Suit

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The Man In The White Suit DVD Cover

Sidney Stratton, a humble inventor, develops a fabric which never gets dirty or wears out. This would seem to be a boon for mankind, but the established garment manufacturers don't see it that way; they try to supress it. Nevertheless, Sidney is determined to put his invention on the market, forcing the clothing factory bigwigs to resort to more desperate measures.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Alec Guinness as Sidney Stratton Arthur Howard as Roberts Cecil Parker as Alan Birnley Colin Gordon as Hill Duncan Lamont as Harry Ernest Thesiger as Sir John Kierlaw Harold Goodwin as Wilkins Henry Mollison as Hoskins Howard Marion-Crawford as Cranford Joan Greenwood as Daphne Birnley Joan Harben as Miss Johnson Michael Gough as Michael Corland Patric Doonan as Frank Vida Hope as Bertha
Produced by Michael Balcon & Sidney Cole Directed by Alexander Mackendrick Screenplay by Roger MacDougall,John Dighton & Alexander Mackendrick Released 1951 Runtime 82 minutes.

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