The Navy Lark

The Navy Lark

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The Navy Lark DVD Cover

Film version of the hit BBC radio series of an incompetent naval crew based on an island just off the south coast of Britain. The commander spends all his time fishing, the second officer is a serial womaniser and just about everyone else pass their time by smuggling and other nefarious activities. When they hear that their masters want to shut down the base and transfer them to other posts, they start to concoct various reasons why they can't be moved from the island including a fake revolution.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Cardew Robinson as Lt. Binns Cecil Parker as Cmdr. Stanton Clive Morton as Rear Admiral Elvi Hale as Leading WREN Heather Gordon Jackson as Leading Seaman Johnson Harold Kasket as Gaston Higgins Hattie Jacques as Fortune Teller Kenneth J. Warren as Brown Leslie Phillips as Lt. Pouter Llewellyn Rees as Adm. Troutbridge Nicholas Phipps as Capt. Povey Richard Coleman as Lt. Bates R.N. Ronald Shiner as CPO Banyad Wanda Ventham as Mabel
Directed by Gordon Parry Produced by Herbert Wilcox Screenplay by Laurie Wyman & Sid Colin Run Time 78 minutes. Released 1959

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