The Night We
Dropped A Clanger

The Night We Dropped A Clanger

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The Night We Dropped A Clanger DVD Cover

Brian Rix stars in this 1961 Sydney Box British comedy farce. Wing Commander Blenkinsop (Rix) is sent on a secret mission to find out about the flying bomb. Blenkinsop’s double - (a toilet janitor) is also sent to confuse the enemy but plans go aray and everyone ends up confused!

A strong British cast Cecil Parker, Leslie Phillips, William Hartnell, Leo Franklyn and Liz Fraser as 'Lulu' singing 'I want a man'.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Andrew Sachs as A.C.2 Briggs Arthur Brough as Adm. Bewdly Brian Rix as Wing Cmdr. Blenkinsop/Aircraftsman Arthur Atwood Cecil Parker as Sir Bertram Bukpasser Charles Cameron as Gen. Gimble Hattie Jacques as Ada Irene Handl as Mrs Billingsgate John Welsh as Squadron Leader Grant Julian D'Albie as Air Marshal Carruthers Leo Franklyn as B.R. Belling Leslie Phillips as Squadron Leader Thomas Liz Fraser as Lulu Oliver Johnston as Air Commdr. Turner Ray Cooney as Corporal Sarah Branch as WAAF Hawkins Toby Perkins as Flight Lt. Spendal Vera Pearce as Madame Grilby William Hartnell as Sgt. Bright


Directed by Darcy Conyers Produced by David Henley Original Screenplay by John T. Chapman Released 1959 Running Time 85 minutes.

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