The Reluctant Bride

The Reluctant Bride

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The Reluctant Bride DVD Cover

This 1955 Tempean Production was directed by Henry Cass and stars American’s John Carroll and Virginia Bruce. It was also produced by the prolific duo of Robert S Baker and Monty Berman.

In this romantic comedy, four children are seemingly orphaned and remanded in their Aunt and Uncle’s custody after their parents, renowned explorers, are lost. The proper English Aunt, a sensitive, dignified entomologist Laura Weeks (Virginia Bruce) is the sister of the missing mother; the Uncle, a playboy money-to-burn and girl-chasing Texas oilman Jeff Longstreet, (John Carroll) is the brother of their father. Naturally, the disparate duo dislike each other at first...

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Alexander Gauge as Humbold Anita Sharp-Bolster as Mrs. Fogarty Arthur Lowe as Mr. Fogarty Brian Oulton as Professor Baker Donald Stewart as Cadwell Ernest Jay as Minister John Carroll as Jeff Longstreet Karen Greer as Candy Sugar Kay Callard as Lola Sinclair Kit Terrington as Big Michael Balfour as Boxer Michael Caridia as Tony Pamela Brown as Ra Tom Gill as MacCarthy Virginia Bruce as Laura Weeks


Directed by Henry Cass Produced by Robert S. Baker & Monty Berman Written by Frederick Stephani Released 1955 Running Time 70 minutes.

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