The Square Peg

The Square Peg

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It's the Second World War and Norman Pitkin is interested in helping the war effort. After unwittingly slipping behind enemy lines, he is picked up by the Resistance and finds himself spearheading a mission to rescue British prisoners from German headquarters. Hilarious heroics follow as he takes on the German army practically single-handed. When it comes to raising laughs, Norman proves that no-one has more fire-power!

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Andre Maranne as Jean-Claude Arnold Bell as General Hunt Brian Worth as Henri Le Blanc Campbell Singer as Sergeant Loder Eddie Leslie as Medical officer Edward Chapman as Mr. Grimsdale Frank Williams as Captain Ford Hattie Jacques as Gretchen Honor Blackman as Lesley Cartland John Warwick as Colonel Layton Norman Wisdom as Norman Pitkin / General Schreiber Terence Alexander as Captain Wharton Victor Beaumont as Jogenkraut
Directed by John Paddy Carstairs Produced by Hugh Stewart Screenplay by Jack Davies, Henry Blyth, Norman Wisdom & Eddie Leslie Runtime 85 minutes. Released 1958

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