Time Gentlemen Please

Time Gentlemen Please

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Time Gentlemen Please DVD Cover

The Prime Minister is planning a celebratory visit to the model village of Little Hayhoe, where a new factory has created the utopian state of total employment. Everyone is content it seems and looking forward to the occasion. That is, almost everyone.
Local lay-about Dan Dance still refuses to work, sleeps under the stars and is a potential cause of huge embarrassment to the local dignitaries. So without further delay, Dan's shipped off to the local almshouse where he waits an uncertain, yet very funny future.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Dora Bryan as Peggy Stebbins Eddie Byrne as Dan Dance Edie Martin as Mary Wade Hermione Baddeley as Emma Stebbins Ian Carmichael as P.R.O. Ivor Barnard as Timothy Crouch Jane Barrett as Sally Joan Young as Mrs. Round Marianne Stone as Mrs. Pincer Marjorie Rhodes as Miss Mouncey Patrick McAlinney as Reverend Soater Raymond Lovell as Sir Digby Montague Robert Brown as Bill Jordan Sid James as Eric Hace Sydney Tafler as Joseph Spink Thora Hird as Alice Crouch
Directed by Lewis Gilbert Produced by John Grierson & Herbert Mason Screenplay by Peter Blackmore Runtime 79 minutes. Released 1952

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