Trial And Error

Trial And Error

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Powerful comedy drama written by John Mortimer. Trial & Error features witty dialogue and social satire as well as excellent performances from BAFTA Award winner Peter Sellers and Oscar winner Richard Attenborough. Also starring Beryl Reid.

After nearly 40 years of waiting for his big chance, Wilfred Morgenhall (Sellers) is given the case of defending Herbert Fowle (Attenborough) who is accused of murdering his wife (Beryl Reid).

Despite Fowle's insistence of guilt, Moregenhall will not let go of the opportunity to plead his client as innocent and be a star in the courtroom.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Audrey Nicholson as Morgenhall's Girl Beryl Reid as Doris Fowle David Lodge as Frank Bateson Eric Dodson as Examiner Eric Woodburn as Judge Tommy Banter Frank Pettingell as Tuppy Morgan Frank Thornton as Photographer At Fowle Wedding Frank Williams as Barrister Henry Kay as Second Warder John Waite as Clerk Of The Court Patrick Newell as First Warder Peter Sellers as Wilfred Morgenhall Richard Attenborough as Herbert Fowle Tristram Jellinek as Mr. Perkins


Produced by Dimitri De Grunwald & John Mortimer Directed by James Hill Screenplay by Pierre Rouve Original play by John Mortimer Running Time 76 minutes. Theatrical Release 1962

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