Up The Creek

Up The Creek

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Bumbling navy boffin Lieutenant Humphrey Fairweather is disciplined after his pet guided missile project goes awry and he blows up a fellow officer's bathroom. The top brass decide to stick him where he can do no more harm, in charge of the mothballed destroyer HMS Berkeley. However, due to a typical navy oversight, HMS Berkeley hasn't had a commanding officer for over three years, and its crew are now used to a cushy way of life. Led by Chief Petty Officer Docherty, they've converted their ship into a highly profitable farm, laundry and bakery and are now making a fortune selling off excess naval rations and supplies to the local village! At first, poor Fairweather hasn't a clue about what's going on all around him, but as the truth starts to dawn he suddenly finds himself an unwilling accomplice. Of course, that would be the moment when the Admiral decides to make a snap inspection...

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Barry Lowe as Webster Basil Dignam as Coombes David Lodge as Scouse David Tomlinson as Lt. Fairweather Edwin Richfield as Bennett Frank Pettingell as Stationmaster Howard Williams as Bunts Jack McNaughton as Regulating Petty Officer John Warren as Cooky Larry Noble as Quartermaster Liliane Sottane as Susanne Lionel Jeffries as Steady Barker Lionel Murton as Perkins Malcolm Ranson as Small Boy Max Butterfield as Lofty Michael Goodliffe as Nelson Michael Ripper as Decorator Patrick Cargill as Commander Peter Coke as Commander Price Peter Collingwood as Chippie Peter Sellers as CPO Doherty Reginald Beckwith as Publican Sam Kydd as Bates Vera Day as Lily Wilfrid Hyde-White as Admiral Foley
Directed by Val Guest Produced by Henry Halstead Written by Val Guest, Len Heath & John Warren Runtime 80 minutes. Released 1958

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