Very Important Person

Very Important Person

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Sir Ernest Pease KBE FRS (James Robertson Justice) is a cantankerous and crotchety old professor. Testing one of his new radar inventions (and travelling incognito as Lt. Farrow, RN) the plane he is travelling is shot down and he is incarcerated as a POW. His overbearing and abrasive manner leads his fellow inmates into believing he is a german spy, but when they discover who he actually is they realise that his escape is vital to the war effort.

Cast In Alphabetical Order

Colin Gordon as Briggs Eric Sykes as Willoughby, Sports Officer Godfrey Winn as Himself James Robertson Justice as Sir Ernest Pease KBE FRS / Lt. Farrow RN Jean Cadell as Lady Telling Story on TV show. Opening Scene Jeremy Lloyd as 'Bonzo' Baines John Forrest as Grassy Green John Le Mesurier as Piggott, Escape Officer Leslie Phillips as Jimmy Cooper Norman Bird as Travers, Senior British Officer Peter Myers as Shaw Richard Wattis as Woodcock, Entertainments Officer Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Clynes Ronnie Stevens as Hankley Stanley Baxter as 'Jock' Everett / Kommondant Stamfel


Produced by Julian Wintle & Leslie Parkyn Directed by Ken Annakin Written by Jack Davies & Henry Blyth Running Time 90 minutes. Released 1961

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