We Joined The Navy

We Joined The Navy

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We Joined The Navy DVD Cover

Lt. Cmdr. Robert Badger earns most of his promotions by asking embarrassing questions with the unfortunate side effect of being constantly moved from one posting to another. He finally ends up as a training officer at Dartmouth naval base where he takes three new trainee officers under his wing. When he embarrasses his superior officers once more he is seconded to the fifth fleet where he takes his three trainees with him.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Andrew Cruickshank as Admiral Filmer Brian Wilde as Petty Officer Gilors Denise Warren as Collette Derek Fowlds as Carson Dinsdale Landen as Bowles Dirk Bogarde as Dr. Simon Sparrow Esma Cannon as Consul's Wife Jeremy Lloyd as Dewberry Jr. Joan O'Brien as Lt. Carol Blair John Le Mesurier as George Dewberry Sr. John Phillips as Rear Admiral Kenneth More as Lt. Cmdr. Robert Badger Lally Bowers as Mrs. Cynthia Dewberry Laurence Naismith as Admiral Blake Lloyd Nolan as Vice Admiral Ryan Mischa Auer as Colonel & President Rodney Bewes as Naval Candidate Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Commander Royal Navy Sid James as Navy Dance Instructor Walter Fitzgerald as Admiral Thomas Warren Mitchell as 'Honest' Marcel
Produced by Daniel M. Angel & Vivian Cox Directed by Wendy Toye Screenplay by Howard Dimsdale a.k.a Arthur Dales Original Novel by John Winton Run Time 105 minutes Released 1962

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