When You Come Home

When You Come Home

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When You Come Home DVD Cover

When down-trodden theatre handyman Frank undergoes a transformation during a fake hypnotism act, he sets about asserting himself in order to improve his home life and to save the theatre from being re-developed by white collar crooks.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Diana Decker as Paula Ryngelbaum Ernest Dale as Fireman Frank Randle as Frank Fred Conyngham as Mike O'Flaherty Gus Aubrey as Designer Hilda Bayley as Lady Langfield Jack Melford as Dr. Dormer Franklyn Lesley Osmond as Delia Leslie Holmes as Fingers Leslie Sarony as Maestro Lily Lapidus as Mrs. Ryngelbaum Linda Parker as Singer Rene Sibley-Grant as Mrs. Randle Tony Heaton as Joshua Ryngelbaum
Directed by John Baxter Produced by John Baxter Written by David Evans & Geoffrey Orme with comedy dialogue from Frank Randle. Runtime 104 minutes. Released 1947

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