Windbag The Sailor

Windbag The Sailor

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Windbag The Sailor DVD Cover

This classic comedy has Will Hay as a bogus sea captain, Ben Cutlet. He is tricked into taking command of an unseaworthy ship, the "Rob Roy", which the owners intend to sink.

He and two stowaways escape on a raft to an island inhabited by cannibals. The natives are frightened into friendliness by the radio set, which the trio stole from the ship. Ben and the stowaways recapture the "Rob Roy" from the crooked crew, whose efforts to sink her have proved in vain, and sail home in triumph to their native town.

Cast In Alphabetical Order
Amy Veness as Emma Harbottle Dennis Wyndham as Jim Maryatt Graham Moffatt as Albert Kenneth Warrington as Yates Leonard Sharp as Crew member Moore Marriott as Jerry Harbottle Norma Varden as Olivia Potter-Porter Will Hay as Captain Ben Cutlet
Directed by William Beaudine Produced by Michael Balcon Written by Stafford Dickens, Marriott Edgar & Will Hay Music by Charles Williams Released December 1936

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Film Images ©1937 Gainsborough Pictures Ltd.

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