Women Aren't Angels

Women Aren't Angels

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Boasting a classic comedy cast, Women Aren't Angels reunites legendary Aldwych Theatre farceurs Robertson Hare and Alfred Drayton as a couple of music publishers who find themselves unwittingly embroiled in an espionage adventure. This exuberant wartime comedy, long unseen and never previously released in any format, is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Alfred Bandle and Wilmer Popday are partners – in business and, somewhat timorously on Popday's part, in pleasure. When their wives join the A.T.S., the men are left unattended – and dangerously bored. The trouble starts when Bandle is late for an end-of-leave party after giving a girlfriend a lift; Popday promises the wives he'll restrain his wayward friend when they return to duty, but Bandle evidently thinks otherwise...

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Alfred Drayton as Alfred Bandle Charles Murray Jr. as Bertie Ethel Coleridge as Mrs. Featherstone John Stuart as Major Gaunt Joyce Heron as Karen Leslie Perrins as Schaffer Mary Hinton as Thelma Bandle Peggy Novak as Elizabeth Popday Polly Ward as Frankie Delane Ralph Michael as Jack Robertson Hare as Wilmer Popday


Produced by Warwick Ward Directed by Lawrence Huntington Screenplay by Bernard Mainwaring, Vernon Sylvaine & Lawrence Huntington Based on the play by Vernon Sylvaine Running Time 82 minutes. Theatrical Release 1942

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