Series One

Episode 01 Personnel
Originally transmitted on 28th January 1993

The management of Le Château Anglais have cut Gareth's budget. He's forced to restructure his kitchen staff, but his luck is up when Everton volunteers to work as sous chef without pay.

Episode 02 Beyond The Pass
Originally transmitted on 4th February 1993

Gareth and Janice are planning to buy the restaurant, but it means some personal sacrifices and a horrifying ordeal for Gareth...a visit to the bank manager.

Episode 03 Subject To Contract
Originally transmitted on 11th February 1993

Gareth and Janice have put their beautiful cottage up for sale in order to buy the restaurant. Janice decides Gareth needs to raise his profile so invites the press into his kitchen.

Episode 04 The Big Cheese
Originally transmitted on 25th February 1993

When Gareth discovers that renowned chef Albert Roux is to visit Le Château Anglais, he goes about creating the perfect meal at all costs.

Episode 05 Fame Is The Spur
Originally transmitted on 4th March 1993

Whilst Janice manages the restaurant, Gareth enters the world of TV cookery programmes. But the filming is disrupted when Everton manages to release live crayfish in the kitchen.

Episode 06 Rice And Peas
Originally transmitted on 11th March 1993

Gareth has promised to give his father a 'Caribbean evening' at the restaurant, but he has no idea how to cook Caribbean food. He faces the ultimate indignity and turns to Everton for help.

Episode 07 A Bird In The Hand
Originally transmitted on 24th December 1993

Gareth has fallen out with his regular poultry supplier, but decides he must still open the restaurant for Christmas. He and Janice set off on a turkey hunt.

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