Series Two

Episode 01 A River Runs Thru It
Originally transmitted on 8th September 1994

A new chef joins the kitchen at Le Château Anglais. He is the legendary Gustav Laroche who Gareth has found, suprisingly, working in a café. He soon finds out the cause behind his demise.

Episode 02 Time Flies
Originally transmitted on 15th September 1994

Janice suspects that there might be a new addition to the Blackstock household and insists they look into getting outside investment to secure theirs and the restaurant's future. But is Gareth really cut out for fatherhood?

Episode 03 Do The Right Thing
Originally transmitted on 22nd September 1994

To what lengths will Gareth go to acquire the best ingredients for his acclaimed dishes? He is risking falling fowl of the law!

Episode 04 A Diploma Of Miseries
Originally transmitted on 29th September 1994

Janice is furious with Gareth when he is less than complimentary about her cooking on a television show. Everton risks his job when he musters the courage to teach Gareth a few things about 'amour'.

Episode 05 Masterchef
Originally transmitted on 13th October 1994

Everton has created his own accomplished signature dish, much to the annoyance of Gareth, who's feeling threatened in his own kitchen. Before he becomes internationally renowned, Gareth and Janice come up with a plan to keep this budding chef in check.

Episode 06 Private Lives
Originally transmitted on 20th October 1994

The restaurant is fully booked, but the kitchen staff are being less than productive. They have all brought their personal problems to work with them!

Episode 07 England Expects
Originally transmitted on 27th October 1994

Gareth has to prove he is the best chef in Britain by winning a cookery competition in France. Will he win and make his peers eat humble pie, or will the French nibble the 'rosbif'?

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