Series Three

Episode 01 Gareth's True Love
Originally transmitted on 25th November 1996

Things just aren't going right for Gareth; not only is he forced to sell his beloved restaurant, but his wife Janice leaves him.

Episode 02 Reeny/Renée
Originally transmitted on 2nd December 1996

Cyril Bryson, the new owner of Le Château Anglais, insists his spoilt daughter joins the staff. Everyone can see she is utterly useless. That is, everyone except Everton who is obviously smitten.

Episode 03 Lessons In Talking
Originally transmitted on 9th December 1996

Gareth is urged by Bryson to mingle with the diners in order to create a more relaxed atmosphere, but the opposite happens when talk of divorce spurs Gareth to take out his anger on the customers.

Episode 04 Love In The Air
Originally transmitted on 16th December 1996

Gareth is in denial over his marriage break-up. His Dad does not help the situation when he introduces Gareth to his new girlfriend, who is young enough to be his daughter.

Episode 05 Rochelle
Originally transmitted on 23rd December 1996

Love is in the air as a wedding is held at the restaurant. One of the guests is Gareth's old flame Rochelle and sparks look to fly until Janice makes an unexpected appearance.

Episode 06 Paris? Jamaica?
Originally transmitted on 30th December 1996

Gareth finds himself torn between his wife Janice and old flame Rochelle. In his confusion, he stupidly turns to Everton for advice.

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