Filthy,Rich & Catflap

Series One

Episode 01 'The Milkman Always Rings Twice'
Originally transmitted on 7th January 1987

Richie accidentally kills the milkman and in order to cover up the crime he decides to impersonate the milkman but ends up hamming it up just a bit too much.

Episode 02 'The Nolan's Bribe'
Originally transmitted on 14th January 1987

Richie is booked to appear on the hit show show 'Ooer Sounds A Bit Rude', but riuns the show and annoys the producers by literalising everything. He attempts to liven his appearance up by invading the Nolan Sisters’ dressing room and dressing in their clothes but his actions are caught on camera and the Sisters set about blackmailing him.

Episode 03 'Supermarket Sweep'
Originally transmitted on 21st January 1987

Richie has major plans for a dinner party for showbiz legends but unable to fund it, the boys decide on a course of shoplifting and Richie ends up working as a compere in a strip club.

Episode 04 'Bloody Flora'
Originally transmitted on 28th January 1987

Richie’s father is dying, which leaves him with the opportunity of becoming the face of the UK’s biggest flower company. However when his dad takes a turn for the better Richie decides to bump him off himself to save losing the contract.

Episode 05 'TV - AM'
Originally transmitted on 4th February 1987

Richie lands a job reading the newspapers on TV-AM but can he manage to keep himself sober as he kills time before joining Anne Diamond at the studio?

Episode 06 'No Such Thing As Bad Publicity'
Originally transmitted on 11th February 1987

After being banned from showbusiness Richie decides to become a journalist to pay the bills. He plans to libel just about everybody in showbiz in order to make himself look squeeky clean.

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