French Fields
French Fields

After four highly successful series, the international Emmy Award-winning Fresh Fields became French Fields, as William and Hester Fields (Julia McKenzie and Anton Rodgers) followed their children's example and set up home across the Channel.

They soon discover there's more than 22 miles of water dividing the English from the French. Hester's brave attempt to cross the language barrier, using Franglais and mime to rival Marcel Marceau, merely causes bewilderment. And French customs and culture are no less tricky; even the car steering wheel is in the wrong place, while asking a surly housekeeper to leave could be seen as despotic and spark a minor revolution. However, despite such difficulties, the Fields persevere in their inimitable style - providing comic entertainment for their French friends and viewers alike.

Number of Series: 3 Total Number of Episodes: 19 Transmitted: 1989 - 1991 First Episode: 5th September 1989 Last Episode: 8th October 1991

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