Going Straight
Going Straight

Fletch is out. After spending three years, eight months and four days at Her Majesty's pleasure, the old lag is out of Slade Prison on parole. However, life on the outside is not going to be easy - he even finds Mr McKay in the buffet car of his train home. Will his carefully buried nest egg still be there? Will he be able to manipulate his family (including a 17-year old son played by Nicholas Lyndhurst) as easily as the gullible Slade Prison lags? Will he welcome old cell-mate, Lenny Godber, now a long-distance lorry driver dating his daughter Ingrid? Or will the delights of freedom make him yearn for the company of thieves, fraudsters and even screws?

Number of Series: 1 Total Number of Episodes: 6 Transmitted: 1978 First Episode: 24th February 1978 Last Episode: 7th April 1978

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