Grandma's House
Grandma's House

Simon Amstell is Simon, a mildly self-obsessed, claustrophobic narcissist, trying desperately to heal his broken family so he can feel something real in his life. BAFTA award-winning Rebecca Front is his mother, Tanya. She is marrying a man with a big house. James Smith is Clive. He is a man, with a big house. Linda Basset is Grandma, desperate for everyone to be happy or at least agree that they are happy and not cause any bother. Geoffrey Hutchings is Grandpa who, aside from his prostate cancer, is no bother. Samantha Spiro is Liz, who isn't so keen on Simon because he's Tanya's son and Jamal Hadjkura is her son Adam, who has gone a bit odd.

Number of Series: 2 Total Number of Episodes: 12 Transmitted: 2010 - 2012 First Episode: 9th August 2010 Last Episode: 24th May 2012

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