Mrs. Thursday

Series Two

Episode 01 A Little Of What You Fancy
Originally transmitted on 27th December 1966

Mrs Thursday nurses her Man Friday through a bout of pneumonia. But as Richard regains his strength, he starts to find Alice's parsimony intolerable - and tells her as much. She promptly sets out to prove that she knows how to enjoy herself.
Guests Barbara Leake and David King
Written by Julian Bond
Directed by Alastair Reid

Episode 02 Changes Over The Counter
Originally transmitted on 3rd January 1967

Mrs Thursday discovers that she owns thirty-five grocery shops that have somehow been lost in her vast empire. She's also disconcerted to learn that she has a reputation as an uncaring employer...
Written by Stuart Douglass
Directed by Dennis Vance

Episode 03 The Train From Dunrich House
Originally transmitted on 10th January 1967

Mrs Thursday's friend is dismissed from her job as a result of union activities; Alice is determined to get her re-instated. Hunter, meanwhile, goes digging in the Dunrich archives - finding various rare treasures and, possibly, a new line of action for Alice.
Guests Geoffrey Lumsden and Stella Tanner
Written by Stuart Douglass
Directed by Shaun O'Riordan

Episode 04 The Duke And I
Originally transmitted on 17th January 1967

Mrs Thursday and Hunter spend a weekend at the country home of Sir Charles and Lady Barker. There they encounter the Duke of Midlothian, an endearing old man who is experiencing a lean time, and hit upon an idea to help him settle his debts.
Guests Russell Napier, Bill Shine and John Benham
Written by Diana Morgan
Directed by Cecil Petty

Episode 05 When My Boy Comes Home
Originally transmitted on 24th January 1967

Mrs Thursday's son unexpectedly arrives home on leave from the Merchant Navy. She wants him to settle down in the Dunrich empire instead of returning to sea, but Gordon Thursday is clearly unsuited to the rigours of the business world...
Guest Ray Lonnen
Written by Gerald Kelsey
Directed by Valerie Hanson

Episode 06 Only Washing And Babies
Originally transmitted on 31st January 1967

When the company's liftman is mysteriously taken ill, Mrs Thursday makes sure his children are properly cared for by bringing all five of them home with her - and Hunter finds himself playing Old Mother Hubbard
Written by Bruce Stewart
Directed by Bill Stewart

Episode 07 And We Don't Pay London Prices
Originally transmitted on 6th February 1967

Mrs Thursday travels up to Manchester on business, where local-boy-made-good Joe Lever is to open a chapel bazaar. An impromptu football game puts paid to Joe's appearance, so Mrs Thursday agrees to take his place.
Written by Jack Rosenthal
Directed by Cecil Petty

Episode 08 The Answer's A Lemon
Originally transmitted on 13th February 1967

Finding he can no longer fit into his skiing gear, Richard books in at a health farm. Alice thinks her friend Lil might also benefit from a stay, and takes her there herself - and that's when she finds herself being forced to take a steam bath...
Guests Norman Mitchell and Royston Tickner
Written by Hazel Adair
Directed by Bill Stewart

Episode 09 No Tea For The Tallyman
Originally transmitted on 20th February 1967

Mrs Thursday learns that an old Fuller Street friend has been driven to a suicide attempt by the activities of Joe Sedgley, a blackmailing door-to-door salesman. She sets out to make Sedgley wish he'd never been born...
Guests Leslie Dwyer and Joan Newell
Written by Robin Smyth
Directed by Bill Stewart

Episode 10 Up The Garden Path
Originally transmitted on 27th February 1967

When Mrs Thursday and an old friend keep a date, tongues start wagging. And when her associates learn the truth about 'factory worker' Albert Spencer, they're all set to instigate romance - and more.
Guests Harry Locke and Sheila Raynor
Written by Jack Rosenthal
Directed by Valerie Hanson

Episode 11 The Old School Tie-Up
Originally transmitted on 6th March 1967

Mrs Thursday is called upon to present the prizes at a public school speech day, and finds herself championing the cause of a runaway boy who happens to be Hunter's nephew.
Guests Geoffrey Palmer, Bernard Horsfall, Josephine Tewson and William Kendall
Written by Diana Morgan
Directed by Bill Stewart

Episode 12 A Matter Of Time
Originally transmitted on 13th March 1967

A big redevelopment scheme involves demolishing a three hundred-year-old market hall, and pressure is being put on Mrs Thursday from all sides... so much so that she begins to wish she'd never inherited all her money.
Written by Robert Storey
Directed by Dennis Vance

Episode 13 Charity Begins At A Ball
Originally transmitted on 20th March 1967

Hunter persuades Alice to accept the chairmanship of a charity ball committee; approaching things with typical thoroughness, she allows the organiser to work from her house. And that's when events take an unexpected turn...
Written by Vincent Schofield based on an idea by Tony Warren
Directed by Cecil Petty

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