Oh, Father!
Oh, Father!

"I consider this elevation to be the most bizarre since Caligula created his horse a consul of Rome!"

Written by David Climie and Austin Steele, OH FATHER! sees the return of the inimitable Derek Nimmo (Oh Brother!, All Gas and Gaiters, Just a Minute) as the bumbling Dominic who, to the relief of the long-suffering Father Anselm (Felix Aylmer - Oh Brother!, Ivanhoe) and Father Matthew (Derek Francis - Oh Brother!, Nicholas Nickleby), has been miraculously promoted to the position of curate.

Bidding Mountacres Priory farewell, Dominic begins a new life in the quiet suburb of Petherbridge Spa, at the home of Roman Catholic priest Father Harris (Laurence Naismith - The Amazing Mr Blunden, Fall of Eagles, The Persuaders!). Harris' previously comfortable existence and the lives of his housekeeper Mrs Carr (Pearl Hackney - Merry-Go-Round, Coronation Street) and handyman Walter (David Kelly - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Waking Ned) are immediately turned upside down...

This entertaining seven-part sequel to Oh Brother! also features guest appearances from Molly Weir, Ballard Berkeley, Brenda Cowling, Sally Thomsett and, as Dominic's Uncle Dan, Ted Ray.

This digitally remastered DVD release makes all seven unedited episodes of this 1973 series available for the first time in any format.

Number of Series: 1 Total Number of Episodes: 7 Transmitted: 1973 First Episode: 12th September 1973 Last Episode: 24th October 1973

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Film Images ©BBC 1973

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