On The Buses
On The Buses

Without a doubt one of the most long-lasting and endearing of ITV sit-coms, On The Buses lasted for a tremendous seven series - from 1969 to 1973.

Starring Reg Varney as jack-the-lad Stan Butler and Bob Grant as 'clippie' Jack Harper, their objective is to get through the day with the minimum of work and the maximum ogling of birds. Determined to thwart this cunning masterplan at every opportunity is the slow but devious Inspector Blake ("Blakey" to his enemies). Not only does Butler have to contend with Blakey but he also has to put up with living at home and 'enjoying' the company of his mum, sister Olive (dearie me) and her husband Arthur - a lazy skiver if ever there was one.

Number of Series: 7 Total Number of Episodes: 74 Transmitted: 1969 - 1973 First Episode: 28th February 1969 Last Episode: 20th May 1973

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