Only When I Laugh

Series One

Episode 01 A Bed With A View
Originally transmitted on 29th October 1979

Norman arrives at the ward and is given the bed next to the window. A game of musical beds ensues as Figgis and Archie want it too...

Episode 02 Operation Norman
Originally transmitted on 5th November 1979

Norman's due for his appendix operation and is rather upset about it. He turns to Figgis for comfort in his hour of need...

Episode 03 The Rumour
Originally transmitted on 12th November 1979

Figgis overhears Doctor Thorpe telling Gupte that his dog may not live much longer. Unfortunately, Figgis didn't hear the 'dog' bit and thinks it's about him...

Episode 04 The Man With The Face
Originally transmitted on 19th November 1979

Archie's lothario-like tendencies are coming back to haunt him when he's convinced he's being stalked by a Greek madman for besmirching his fiancée...

Episode 05 Let Them Eat Cake
Originally transmitted on 26th November 1979

The trio can stand the daily menu no longer and go on hunger strike. What they hadn't bargained for, however, was how hungry they would get...

Episode 06 Tangled Web
Originally transmitted on 3rd December 1979

Archie is craving female company and is heartened to see an attractive new nurse. So is Norman...

Episode 07 Is There A Doctor In The House?
Originally transmitted on 10th December 1979

Tired of sitting in bed all day, Figgis disguises himself as a doctor and goes for a walk. Unfortunately, he's mistaken for a real doctor...

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