The Green Green Grass
The Green Green Grass

Boycie, Marlene and young Tyler swap Peckham for wellies, dung and the country life.

When Boycie discovers the violent Driscoll Brothers are out of prison and are looking for the grass who put them there, he reacts with customary cowardice. Overnight, he does a moonlight flit - with his wife Marlene and recalcitrant son Tyler - to a secluded farm in Shropshire.

There, Boycie is horrified to discover that, despite having no livestock, the farm comes with staff - farm manager Elgin, ploughman Jed, herdsman Bryan and housekeeper Mrs Cakeworthy. However, he's not as horrified as Marlene when they convince him that he's the perfect material to be a gentleman farmer.

While Boycie dreams of pedigree herds, chrome machinery and a whopping grant from the European Union, Marlene frets about country smells and her stilettos getting stuck in the mud. But there's soon much more to worry about - like their vehemently anti-English neighbour; an expensive but seemingly celibate Bull; Marlene's attempts at country cooking and Tyler's new girlfriend from school - his teacher!

Number of Series: 4 Total Number of Episodes: 32 Transmitted: 2005 - 2009 First Episode: 9th September 2005 Last Episode: 5th March 2009

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