The Likely Lads
The Likely Lads

Before Whatever Happened to....came The Likely Lads. A slice of 60s working class life, it slotted in neatly alongside Steptoe and Til Death Us do Part, but this time the focus was on youth and it was set far away from London....

These are the same Terry Collier and Bob Ferris we learnt to love in the legendary 70s series-olny younger. Two sharp young Geordies, short on cash, hormones buzzing, eager to live their young lives to the full.

Terry, though po-faced and cynical, is quick-witted and full of madcap schemes; Bob, cautious and socially ambitious but lacking his mate's self confidence, is invariably dragged along. There is a responsibility-free world of booze, girls, football and laughs - but somewhere there is also a nagging feeling that their youth won't last forever....

Number of Series: 3 Total Number of Episodes: 20 Transmitted: 1964-1966 First Episode: 16th December 1964 Last Episode: 23rd July 1966

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