The River
The River

In his first television acting role, David Essex stars as Davey Jackson, a once-dodgy cockney chancer who settles for a solitary life as the canal lock-keeper in the peaceful Chumley-on-the-Water.

His quiet life is changed forever by the arrival of Sarah (Katy Murphy), a bargee from Scotland who is trying to negotiate Davey's lock when her propeller shaft breaks and she becomes marooned. While waiting for repairs, Sarah finds herself staying with Davey at his cottage...and falling for his cockney charms...

A delightful romantic comedy set in the glorious English countryside, The River was a huge hit for the BBC when it was first shown in 1988, regularly attracting audiences of over 13 million viewers. Now you can enjoy the entire six-part series again in this complete DVD collection.

Number of Series: 1 Total Number of Episodes: 6 Transmitted: 1988 First Episode: 20th October 1988 Last Episode: 24th November 1988

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