Then Churchill
Said To Me
Then Churchill Said To Me

Frankie Howerd's stuttering Private Potts brings back fond memories of the great mans roles in Up Pompeii! and Whoops Baghdad! With the double-entendres, awful puns and Howerds own inimitable delivery (including addresses to the audience).This time however, the skiving, scheming and cowardice take place in Winston Churchills secret World War 2 underground bunker where Potts acts as batman to a group of officers.Private Potts has just two aims in life: to do as little work as possible and to avoid physical injury. His uncanny resemblance to Fearless Freddy Hollocks, a respected general with a will of iron, might be some help, but the demanding Colonel Witherton and the screeching Sergeant Major McRuckus put a swift end to Potts hope of a quiet war. The BBC filmed this programme in 1982 but transmission was cancelled as a result of the Falklands Conflict. The programme was finally transmitted by UK Gold in 1993.

Number of Series: 1 Total Number of Episodes: 6 Transmitted: 1993 First Episode: 1st March 1993 Last Episode: 5th April 1993

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