Then Churchill
Said To Me

Series One

Episode 01 Operation Panic
Originally transmitted on 1st March 1993

Private Potts mixes up some papers he's been entrusted with and instead of Colonel Witherton going for a dirty weekend with his secretary he ends up being parachuted behind enemy lines.

Episode 02 A Mole in the Hole
Originally transmitted on 8th March 1993

Someone has infiltrated Churchill's underground headquarters and Potts thinks he knows who it is, but after a couple of false accusations he finally gets his man.

Episode 03 Nanny by Searchlight
Originally transmitted on 15th March 1993

Private Potts gets lumbered babysitting a regimental mascot, a goat.He excels himself with the mishandling of orders sending General De Gaulle to the Tower and treating a nazi collaberator to a suite at a top hotel.

Episode 04 Those Who Loot We Shoot
Originally transmitted on 22nd March 1993

Whilst on a mission to collect items from Lt. Col. Withertons bomb damaged house, Potts is arrested for looting and threatened that he may be shot. Lt. Col. Witherton is unable to vouch for him as he's lost his memory following a bash on the head.

Episode 05 Blow Out
Originally transmitted on 29th March 1993

When it seems that someone has planted a radio jamming device above the map room Potts volunteers to investigate and ends up having to defuse an unexploded bomb.

Episode 06 The Goose Has Landed
Originally transmitted on 5th April 1993

Churchill has an injured foot and Potts is assigned to push his wheelchair. Unfortunately for Potts he's given a dummy to push around as bait for an assassination attempt.

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