Up Pompeii
Up Pompeii

It's Frankie Howerd in his most famous role as Lurcio, a bone idol sex obsessed slave, falling into and extricating himself from scrapes in the anything goes days of the Roman Empire. Lurcio was the perfect vehicle for the great comedian's talents. From rambling prologue and the high moral disgust to the audience asides and reaction to an over-acting cast - Howerd was in his element; dishing out puns and double-entendres galore and being appalled at the bawdy exploits of such magnificently named characters as Ludicrus Sextus, Nausius, Erotica, Stovus Primus and James Bondus. Vestal virgins, barking soothsayers, poisonous asps, love potions, assassination plots, loose togas, revolting slaves...this Roman life is titillating, naughty and enough to drive a poor slave crazy - it's little wonder Mt. Vesuvuis erupted! Anything that could possibly be misinterpreted, double entendred or used to stretch Howerd's cheeky features into mock outrage was thrown into the mix in these celebrated series. In the words of Lurcio himself "You won't get anything like this in your Harold Pinter"

Number of Series: 2 Total Number of Episodes: 16 Transmitted: 1969 - 1991 First Episode: 17th September 1969 Last Episode: 14th December 1991

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