Series One

Episode 01 Ripping Out
Originally transmitted on 3rd September 1980

potential danger lurks in every corner, as the Cowboys turn their attention to the renovation of a council house...

Episode 02 Perks
Originally transmitted on 10th September 1980

Since Joe Jones is typically behind in paying their wages, Geyser, Wobbly Ron and Eric decide to help themselves to a few perks in lieu. Unfortunately, Mr Hobday wants to see some progress on their current job at the Lyndhurst Hotel - raising one or two problems.

Episode 03 Remember Honky Stubbs
Originally transmitted on 17th September 1980

Joe Jones' workforce shouldn't have been in the basement of the block of flats when it was demolished by explosives - but they were. And, until they find an unexpected escape route, their is a period of crisis for Jones and the Cowboys.
Guest starring Talfryn Thomas

Episode 04 Black Day At Black Rock
Originally transmitted on 24th September 1980

Joe Jones has arranged for his men to repaint Mrs Sinclair's kitchen. The unfortunate lady should clearly have known better...
Guest starring Angela Thorne & Vanda Godsell

Episode 05 C.L.O.D.
Originally transmitted on 1st October 1980

The comparative harmony that exists between Joe Jones and his workforce is threatened by the inexorable rise of union power.

Episode 06 Two Right Casanovas
Originally transmitted on 8th October 1980

On the Joe Jones' annual day trip to Ludno Bay, Geyser and Joe have trouble with women... one with, and one without.
Guest starring Sheila Steafel & Gordon Rollings

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