George And The Dragon

Series One

Episode 01 George Meets The Dragon
Originally transmitted on 19th November 1966

George the chauffeur cum handyman of Colonel Maynard's household, is constantly chasing the string of "dolly bird" housekeepers until the agency send along one Gabrielle Dragon.

Episode 02 The Not So Tender Trap
Originally transmitted on 26th November 1966

Gabrielle teaches George a lesson after he asks a girl back to the Colonels house for a late night drink and tries to lead her astray.

Episode 03 The Unexpected Sport
Originally transmitted on 3rd December 1966

After an injury the Colonel is worried at missing a polo match with his own team the "Water Lillies".Gabrielle assures him that she wil find a suitable replacement.

Episode 04 Night, Night, Sleep Tight
Originally transmitted on 10th December 1966

A mysterious telephone call makes Gabrielle nervous after she and George are left in the house alone. Annoyed, George decides to play a trick but the plan misfires.

Episode 05 The Royal Letter
Originally transmitted on 17th December 1966

When Gabrielle Dragon decides to send a Christmas card to her favourite member of the Royal Family, George and Ralph the gardener see an opportunity for mischief.

Episode 06 Merry Christmas
Originally transmitted on 24th December 1966

George is going to spend Christmas with a girlfriend and Gabrielle is staying with her sister, but things don't go quite according to plan.

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