George And The Dragon

Series Two

Episode 01 TV Conflict
Originally transmitted on 20th May 1967

A simple dispute over TV channels results in a record breaking row that sees Gabrielle leaving the household, but unless George can persuade Gabrielle to return he's fired.

Episode 02 Sunday Morning
Originally transmitted on 27th May 1967

George's plans to have a long lie-in are threatened after Gabrielle makes a bet with the Colonel that she can get George to go to church with them.

Episode 03 The French Lesson
Originally transmitted on 3rd June 1967

Gabrielle is secretly learning French after winning a trip to Paris in a magazine competition but after being forced to explain this George learns that the trip is for two.

Episode 04 The Learner Driver
Originally transmitted on 10th June 1967

The Colonel tells George that it would be a good thing if he taught Gabrielle to drive, however beginner's enthusiasm causes an accident involving the Chief Constable's car.

Episode 05 The Old Flame
Originally transmitted on 17th June 1967

Colonel Maynard is expecting a visit from an old flame whom he has not seen for 30 years and Gabrielle gets quite sentimental when she hears that his proposal by letter was accepted.

Episode 06 Table Manners
Originally transmitted on 24th June 1967

A squabble over table manners leads to a will-power challenge between George and Gabrielle to see who'll weaken first after giving up food!

Episode 07 Friendship Bureau
Originally transmitted on 1st July 1967

After George's horoscope describes his ideal partner as an Aquarian, Ralph reads an advertisement that gives both George and Gabrielle ideas.

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