George And The Dragon

Series Three

Episode 01 The Reunion
Originally transmitted on 6th January 1968

When Gabrielle plans a W.A.A.F. reunion at the Colonel's house, George's memories of womanising during the war end up being relived a little too closely for comfort!

Episode 02 Court Case
Originally transmitted on 13th January 1968

Colonel Maynard solves the mystery of his staffs' disappearance when he takes his seat as a Magistrate and finds them hauled up before him in court.

Episode 03 The TV Set
Originally transmitted on 20th January 1968

George's attempts at making his own TV set are not very successful so an opportunity to buy a new one for £10 in a sale means a fight to be first in the queue.

Episode 04 The Holiday
Originally transmitted on 27th January 1968

The major snag to arranging a holiday when you can't afford one is to find the necessary cash. But for the ingenious, there is always a way.

Episode 05 The 10.15 Train
Originally transmitted on 3rd February 1968

Gabrielle and George nearly cause a strike on the railways when, complaining about train alterations, they are mistaken for two snoopers from the Ministry of Transport.

Episode 06 Family Tree
Originally transmitted on 10th February 1968

Gabrielle decides to trace her family name back through the ages and ends up contacting the French Embassy when it's suggested that her surname may be derived from "de Ragon".

Episode 07 Big Deal
Originally transmitted on 17th February 1968

A business deal has unexpected hazards for Gabrielle and George when two car advertisements give them an easy way to make £30 profit.

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